When the Smoke Clears is a documentary film that captures the harsh realities that many veterans face when leaving the military. The story documents the journey of three veterans through war, tragedy and finally, rediscovery through the outdoors.

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Directors Statement 

I first began filming Veterans Expeditions for a college research project. In that weekend I noticed the impact the non-profit was having on veterans who were transitioning out of the military. For many, the community and activities of Veterans Expeditions becomes a cornerstone as they move into civilian life. 

As a military veteran myself, I understand and care for those who have been impacted by war. I purposely avoided politics in this film—it is simply about members of a community, our community, who have endured the unmanageable and yet have proven to be unbreakable. 

I hope this film raises awareness about the invisible wounds of war which inflict our military members. But beyond that, I hope this film brings understanding between the veteran and non-veteran communities.